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This stream is funded by your donations, please show some appreciation! All donations will be split amongst the performing artists and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

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Going In is a sub-label of The Bunker New York, dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards healing, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, psychedelic therapy, yoga, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself.

On February 25-27, Going In will present a 60+ hour online streaming ceremony on The Bunker Stream ( All 52 artists who’ve been carefully selected to participate believe in the life affirming power of music to transport and heal.

The formation of Going In was deeply inspired by our good friend and mentor Mike Huckaby, who passed away in April of 2020. For the first year of the label, Andrew Smith (aka Jasen Loveland) was our art director and biggest cheerleader of the project, until his untimely passing in May of 2021. It’s no exaggeration to say that Going In simply would not exist without these two people. This stream represents the relaunching of the Going In project, which has been on hiatus since Andrew’s passing. This stream is dedicated to the memory of the friends we lost. We will be airing a four hour excerpt of Andrew’s epic a/v piece under THE LONE FLANGER alias, “The Endless Cycle Of Death and Rebirth”. His intention was to somehow make this into an infinitely long piece as a soundtrack to LSD journeys to be released on Going In. A portion of the stream proceeds will be donated to NAMI: the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

The stream will feature live sets from Going In label artists LEISURE MUFFIN, CARL RITGER, J.F. BURMA, PHIL YEAH, JO JOHNSON, AND ÖSTERHOLM. We’ll also have live sets from artists who have upcoming releases on the label: CHRISTINA WHEELER, WILLIAM SELMAN, and KROBA. HOLLAND ANDREWS presents a special a/v version of her album for Going In. BLACKLAUREN and Going In founder BRYAN KASENIC will be presenting DJ sets. DONATO DOZZY, who has an upcoming release on the label, presents a special pre-recorded sound piece based on his memories of blimps in his childhood called "Good Year", with visuals by ACE.

Presenting his heartfelt improvisational ceremony music, we are honored to present special guest EAST FOREST. We’ll also have medicine music sets from ERIC MARGAN, and KÉREN TAYAR AND MICHAEL HEWETT, who were favorites on the stream last year. JES ALLEN will present a very special set combining sound healing, yoga nidra, and medicine songs.

We of course have many live electronic music performances, including “Autism on Acid” author AARON ORSINI, Golden Ratio Frequencies founder AHRKH, Kranky’s BENOÎT PIOULARD, Mysteries of the Deep’s CHRISTINA CHATFIELD, dub legend DEADBEAT, Neel and Filippo Scorcucchi’s LF58, psychedelic music legend LUULI, the incredibly prolific jammer M GEDDES GENGRAS, Ireland’s MERRIN KARRAS, Detroit’s OTODOJO, Atlanta’s TDEL, downtown legend VITO RICCI, and light channeler ZIMNOTTAE.

We will be featuring sets throughout the stream from many sound healers this year. We highly recommend getting as comfortable as possible with an eye mask and a good stereo or headphones for these deeply healing journeys. Sound healers include THE DOJO UPSTATE, SALVATICUS SELVATICO, SAMER GHADRY, JORGE MUNAY, JUAN MACLEAN AND GEE DEE, FERNANDO SUBIRATS, A SPACE FOR SOUND, and C. LAVENDER (who will also being doing a collaboration with MATTHEW REGULA). We also have a very special healing meditation acid bath geared towards those we lost from SACRA (Lauren Flax and Ediblespirit).

The stream will launch with a guided meditation from KATZI SCHAMENS and a set and setting video from HOUSE OF COSE.

The legendary ARIEL KALMA will present a special a/v version of their work.

ZEMI17 presents GAMELATRON ROH AGENG, which is installed at Heron Arts Space in San Francisco and features light sculptures by John Taylor.

And last but not least we have booked some of our favorite DJs in the world to bring you special sets designed to take you to the outer reaches of your consciousness: GIGI FM, KIERNAN LAVEAUX, MADISON MOORE, MAREENA & RESOM, SOLD, SWATI, AND RROSE.

“Furthermore, it seems that all contradictions are converging, going inwards, into a new reality—towards an entirely new epoch of consciousness. This tendency towards GOING IN gathers together disparate energies, but to a certain extent also fuses, merges, and explodes out when critical mass has been reached. At its most fundamental level, OUR MUSIC is an attempt to identify, collect and direct (but never fully control) these trajectories or lines of flight—to use the Deleuzian term—warping and bending them like rays of light around a supermassive black hole. In search of the patterns that make the patterns, our multi-perspective is one of informed optimism and guarded hope—hope that by GOING IN we do not find ourselves so much at the "end of history" but rather its beginning.” - Jasen Loveland

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